In 1910, Candide Zufferey bought the land of the Colline de Daval after spending several years in Argentina. The history brought two wineries and two families together after the wedding of Monique and Bertrand Caloz-Evequoz. A new winery has been built at the Colline de Daval and the entire vinification process is centralized there. 

Today the winery Colline de Daval has been family owned for 5 generations. Due to its diversity and its control of the entire production chain, the family company offers a total immersion in the wine universe. The high quality of the local products guarantees a truly unique experience for every single visitor. 




All passionate, some different backgrounds but same common values.



Monique was previously in charge of the entire transformation process of our vines. In 2009, she decided to develop a wine tourism experience and renovated the Castel de Daval as a BnB. Thanks to her sense of hospitality, the Castel de Daval has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Her favorite wine

The Davalrone, concentrated and tender at the same time.


 Oenologist and Arborist

Bertrand is none other than the Brain of the company and supervises each part of the supply chain. A real lover of the land, Bertrand is passionate about sustainable development in agriculture.

His favorite wine

The Merlot, robust and frank




His beloved area is undoubtedly the

cultivation of fruit trees such.

Damien  is our field manager and

manages the entire team.

His favorite wine

The Fendant, traditional and full of character



Bachelor of Tourism  and Management HES-So

Benoît is our Hospitality Manager. He deals with all our guests from the winery to the Castel de Daval. He tries his best to innovate the concept of marketing and event around the wine universe. 

His favorite wine

The Charmont, unique and bouncy




Jessica is in charge of the entire

process of winemaking. Jessica transforms

also our fruit juices into

some delicious spirits.

Her favorite wine

The Petite Arvine, authentic and shining

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Famille Bertrand, Monique, Benoît et Damien Caloz - Evéquoz

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