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La Colline de Daval offers also a selection of premium wines.

Meticulous work on the vines and a long ageing in oak barrels give to our wines

the opportunity to express themselves entirely.


Old vines planted more than 50 years ago combined to some grapes on small plots with low yield and an ageing of 12 months in oak barrel. This is the best recipe to create a great wine. The Pinot Noir Vieille Vigne won the Great Gold Medal during the International Pinot Competition in 2018. .


This is quite a new variety in the Valais, but we have had merlot for more than 20 years now.

Thanks to the omnipresent sun, this wine express himself with a great maturity. The Merlot Reserve won 4 times a gold medal at the International Merlot Competition and a fabulous 3rd place at the Grand Maestro in 2019.  


Unique white wine of this selection, is a Chardonnay which has been aged in oak barrel for one year. With some buttery and fruity notes, this wine, perfectly balanced, surprises by its smoothness and its elegance.


Award of the 2nd best white wine of the Swiss Wine Competition in 2010. 


The beloved wine of Monique.

Inspired by the famous Amarone from Italy, the grapes are picked up later than the other varieties in order to give a beautiful concentration to this blended wine. Aged 24 months in oak barrels, this wine is literally called a “Grand Vin”.

rond vouettaz.png
Bouteille de vin Vouettaz



Chamoson – Famille Evéquoz


Chamoson is one of the most important wine municipalies with more than 500 ha of vineyards. Every family from this village owns some vineyards. The wine represents a force for the local economy and the wine growers are really proud of their products.

The grounds are perfect for the vineyards with gravels. We cultivate 16 plots of land

for a surface of 2 ha. In Chamoson,

we have some different grape varieties such as Chasselas, Sylvaner, Charmont, Humagne Blanche, Petite Arvine, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Diolinoir, Syrah and Cornalin.



Sierre – Famille Caloz


13.000 years ago, the hill of Daval, like all the others hills in the area of Sierre, were formed by a huge collapse of the Bernese Alps.

The hill of Daval resisted to the erosion of the Rhône.

The wine grounds are really heterogeneous. Between 30 to 80 centimeters, there is some rocky earth. Deeper than that you will some sand or gravel.
At first, the young vineyards developed with difficulty. However, after a few years the vineyard found a positive balance to produce wines of a good quality. Vineyards have been planting for more than a century on our hill and it seems that they really like growing up there.

The surface of vineyard on the hill on Daval is about 3.5 ha.

We can find several grapes varieties such as: Pinot Noir, Chasselas, Gamay, Chardonnay, Gamaret, Païen, and Merlot.

rond colline.png
bouteille colline de Daval
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